Vale do Pati | 3 days
Guiné / Bomba

Gerais do Rio Preto, Cachoeirão upper view, Castelo Mountain, Funis Waterfall and Gerais do Vieira.

3 days and 2 nights in the most beautiful trekking in Brazil (+1 night in Vale do Capão).

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R$1.150,00 All included

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Vale do Pati | 3 days Guiné / Bomba

Day 1: Vale do Capão (Overnight at Pousada Pé no Mato)

Day 2: Cachoeirão Overview

Drive behind the Serra do Esbarrancado to Guiné village. The day begins with magnificent views of the Serra do Esbarrancado mountain walls and trail starting at the Rampa do Beco, an ancient path from the mines used until today by Pati natives, following by the Gerais do Rio Preto to Mirante do Pati, with a breathtaking overview. Trekking goes towards the end of the Pati Valley over the mountains to Cachoeirão (above the waterfall), Chapada Diamantina’s second largest waterfall. There are times of the year when more than 20 waterfalls can be seen reaching 280 m high. After a stop for a snack, the itinerary goes down to the first house / support point, ending the day with a rich meal, bath and overnight.

Day 3: Castle Cave and Funis Waterfall
Quartzite cave located on top of the mountain that divides the Pati Valley (1,500m above sea level). 1:30h walk up the mountain to the entrance of the cave, crossing about 20 minutes, reaching the other side of the mountain. Stop for snack and contemplation of the fantastic view of the National Park at 1580m high. An unforgettable experience. The route goes to the Funis Waterfall, located near the descent of the Castle, with a stop for bathing and relaxation. Overnight at one of the nearest native houses.

Day 4: Great trek from Vale do Pati to Vale do Capão

Departure from Vale do Pati towards Vale do Capão via Gerais do Vieira in approximately 25km. Transfer to Vila do Capão at the end.

Package Value
R$1.150,00 / person

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  • 01 night at the Pousada Pé no Mato
  • Nights and meals at Pati natives’ homes
  • Round Trip Transfers
  • Snacks during the trekking/span>
  • Individual Snack Kit
  • Vale do Pati Expert and Associated Guide (

Important Tips:

Bring a comfortable, tested sneaker or hiking boot. Do not buy a new shoe to open on the trail as you may risk calluses and being unable to walk.

The best walking clothes are long tactel pants and a long sleeves T-shirt.

Pé no Mato has a complete store of trail equipment such as tents, boots, canteens, lanterns, clothing, backpacks, fanny packs, hats etc. Do not buy unnecessary equipment.

Lodging in the homes of Pati residents:

Inside the Pati Valley, we have the natives’ homes that provide a good home-cooked meal and a good night’s sleep. Despite the simplicity of this type of accommodation, the stay and contact with Patí residents make this trip even more special.

In addition, these points of support become at night a meeting point for people from all over the world sharing their experiences.

Due to the small number of houses in Pati (10), reservations for these houses must be made in advance.

João da Igrejinha, Dona Maria and Seu Wilson, Dona Raquel, Dona Lea, Jailson and Agnelo, are located between Upper and Middle Pati Valley.

Seu Eduardo, Joia and Antonio are located in Lower Pati.

“Pé no Mato recommends all the support options listed above, both regarding sleeping on good mattresses, as well as well prepared and full meals. Besides, it’s always nice to spend a night prospating with these loving people. ”

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