How to get to Vale do Capão

by-bus By Bus

From Salvador, it is about a 7-hour journey by the Rapido Federal bus company. Buy the Salvador/Palmeiras bus route. This is the same bus that stops in Lençóis, continuing the route to Palmeiras, where you will find cars that make public transport to Vale do Capão during the day costing around R$ 15,00/person. At night, taxis are available.

by-car By Car

If you come by car from Salvador, our tip is to come by Estrada do Feijão to Ipirá and there to turn left until you reach BR-242, already in Itaberaba. This alternative route is much calmer, as it avoids heavy truck traffic on BR 116, and the road is usually in good condition.

by-plane By Plane

The AZUL airline has flights arriving Thursday and Sunday from Tanquinho Airport (near Lençóis and 90 km from Vale do Capão). From the airport to Vale do Capão, you can take a taxi to Lençóis and from there take the Real Expresso bus (Salvador-Palmeiras). From Palmeiras bus station you take one of the vans that bring tourists to Vale do Capão (R​​$ 15,00). During the night there are no regular transportation from Palmeiras to Vale do Capão, so contact us earlier to hire a car to pick you up there (R$ 120,00).

The location of Vale do Capão in relation to the other cities of Chapada Diamantina:

Vale do Capão or Caeté-Açú, is located at the entrance of the Chapada Diamantina National Park and is where the best trails and tours of all Chapada Diamantina leave. We are 70 km away from Lençóis and this is where the agencies of this and other cities bring their clients who want to appreciate nature in its strongest form, visiting sites as the stunning Fumaça Waterfall.

In addition, the Lapa Doce, Torrinha, Pratinha and Blue Caves, Pai Inácio Hill and Vale do Pati all of the are closest to Vale do Capão then any other city in Chapada Diamantina. From here we also have access from behind the mountains (70 km) to reach the other side of Chapada Diamantina and get to know the cities of Andaraí, Mucugê and Igatú and visit the Poço Encantado, Poço Azul and the famous Buracão Waterfall located in Ibicoara.