Vale do Capão: Beauties and charms of Chapada Diamantina.

The village of Caeté-Açú, better known as Vale do Capão, enchants everyone who visits its natural beauty, its rivers and waterfalls, its stunning mountains and natural gardens. Add it all to a delightful, yet primitive village populated with cheerful, welcoming people with their famous food and snacks. And add a perfect climate, a fireplace at night or if you want a closer contact with the village people, a traditional forró dance, where natives and visitors in a mix of culture come together at one pace and celebrate the happiness of being in such a magical place as Vale do Capão, the heart of Chapada Diamantina.

The end of the diamond extraction cycle and coffee prices going down drove the valley into a long recession. The 70’s and 80’s were synonymous of emigration to São Paulo looking for work and better living conditions. The arrival, from the 80’s, of new residents from the big city looking for a natural life (whole food, community experience, natural healing, spirituality) was a decisive element in the recovery of local economic growth. These new residents brought new ideas and behaviors, and gradually the cultural integration and cooperation between them and the native population changed Capão’s course. The new perspectives brought back the exiled family members that were living in São Paulo generating a population growth and new enterprises.

The new phase of development of Vale do Capão and the region is due to the perfect adaptation of the natural and human scenario to the current ecotourism. The absence of large tourism enterprises and the emergence of small and medium-sized hotel units preserve the rural environment. The Valley attracts people seeking quality of life and personal balance.

The most appreciated tourist attractions are the river baths and the stunning images of the mountains surrounding the Valley. In addition, biology lovers have in this place a true paradise. Among the animals, the most prominent are birds, both in variety and quantity. For those who enjoy botany, Vale do Capão has a huge amount of plants inside the valley and even more exotic plants in the mountains.

Another attraction is the holistic aspect of the people. Alternative communities, natural therapeutic treatments from massage, iris reading, meditation, yoga, crystals and products such as clay soap, natural herbal shampoo and dehydrated organic fruits. Vale do Capão is the true holistic center of Bahia and “healing tourism” is an area increasingly appreciated by visitors.